Hospital Seconds

Retailing pots and planters since 1984.

Pot Hospital Bargains

Restored to Good Health

Collection of pots that have sustained bruises and injuries during their journey from Crete.

Photos available of actual pot of interest showing it’s flaw and repair.

Patient of interest? – Please contact Philip

Koronios AA

Chipped 3rd Ring from Bottom

£620 - £570

100cm x 80cm

Koronios A

Small blemish between rim and 1st ring

£385 - £335

80cm x 65cm

Boukali B

Minor bruises & blemishes

£265 - £215

87cm x 57cm

Manolis A

Small Chips on Rim - Sanded Smooth

£185 - £135

62cm x 67cm

Beehive Megalos

Chipped Base - Sanded Smooth

£1250 - £950

123cm x 95cm